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We’re here to transform you into a logo expert using our AI tools. Just last week, we introduced our AI Brief feature. (

Simply provide some basic information about your company or project, and our AI Brief will craft a comprehensive logo design brief for you.

Check out the attached recording to see it in action.


Our Contests. contests are meticulously organized and efficient. Our platform enables direct and private communication between the client and designer throughout the process. We also supply all the necessary legal documents for legitimate ownership of the logo design upon the conclusion of the contest. Everyone actively participates in and supports this highly creative and captivating process of crafting an original and compelling logo.

Extending your Contest.

If a client is not fully satisfied with the progress of their contest, we are ready to assist. We can offer guidance and suggestions to the designers to help get things back on track. Additionally, you may request a free extension.


Generally, LogoLeague contests, once completed, are searchable online and can be seen by the Internet public audience.

Private contests.

You can elect to keep your LogoLeague contest completely private. The fee is $50, and you must select the “Private Contest” option in, the last step of the logo contest brief before launching your contest. This status deems the contest unsearchable online and will block all processes from public view. If you need to switch your contest to private status, there will most likely be some temporary indexing by the public search engines. Unless you give permission, the designers are not permitted to include work for “Private Contest” in their online portfolios or profiles.